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Greetings Betty J Borry Breast Cancer Retreats alumnae and friends!
When you first heard the words “You have breast cancer” your life was changed forever. Physically, emotionally, spiritually…one discovers how profoundly her outlook has been altered.
Betty Borry heard those words, felt the fear and frustrations. Wanting to understand and move beyond these feelings, she brought women of all ages and stages of breast cancer together to share a weekend of adventure, group support and sharing common experiences. Since 1995, Adventure  Retreats have connected women who are on the same journey of living after breast cancer.
You challenged yourself physically and emotionally. You found understanding, support and hope. You were empowered to discover your own strengths. Together, we can move from surviving to thriving!
  • Your donation will help us reach more women, getting them out to play in nature while connecting with each other.
  • Your donation provides scholarships to those who otherwise could not attend our Breast Cancer Retreats.
  • Your contribution is important for our program to remain strong, empowering women to discover their own strengths as they move from surviving to thriving after breast cancer.
With warm thanks in the spirit of Betty’s dream. Tortuga Lives!

Suggested Donations


$25 - $100  Celebrates support, hope and healing

$100 - $250  Supports our adventure programming

$250 - $400 Total cost for 1 woman to attend an Adventure Retreat

$400 - $500  Supports our scholarship fund

$500 - $1000  Sustains our retreat programs


Download a donation form

Download printable donation form.

Please send checks to: 

Betty J. Borry Breast Cancer Retreats,   21 Littlehale Road,   Durham NH 03824


Monthly Donations



One Time Donations

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