Betty's Angels

Betty paid it forward so other women battling breast cancer could benefit from her personal recipe for living a fully engaged, joyful life after her breast cancer diagnosis. Perfectly content to paddle a gentle river or hike a trail alone, Betty found strength and community when surrounded by other women who faced breast cancer and all that comes with it.
Betty died in 2001, six years after establishing Adventure Weekend. The program still thrives as do its sister retreats held one weekend each winter, spring and fall.
Three women-- all of whom participated in early Adventure Weekends were tapped by Betty to return and help other women on the journey. They’re still helping. Here are their stories which we hope will inspire you to volunteer and become one of Betty’s Angels.


Cynthia Cote was 42 years old when she heard, “You have breast cancer.” It was advanced and the prognosis was not good. “My daughter was 11. I set a goal of seeing her finish junior high school."  read more

Clara Camuso-Reed was 35 years old when she was diagnosed in 1993. During and after treatment, Clara was encouraged to exercise. She drove from her home in Epping through an ice storm to attend the very first winter Adventure Weekend. Clara did go back and has been to every Adventure Weekend since. And she’s added a kayak to her pile of toys. read more

Rose Love was only 36 when she learned she had breast cancer. Having barely finished her treatment, Rose was then diagnosed with a different kind of cancer in the same breast. It was shortly after her mastectomy and reconstructive surgery that her friend who also had breast cancer signed them up for Adventure Weekend. read more